Trailers on Sale for Warrandyte Customers

Box Trailers

A general purpose trailer of a cubic-structure that is mounted on wheels. Box trailers are common seen towed by motor vehicles on our Australian roads. Because of its appearance of a box, it started being named as a box trailer.

The vertical side of box trailers is of varying heights with enclosed canopies. Box trailers are intended primarily for goods transport from one location to another. These trailers are provided with openings on both sides for ease of access for loading and unloading.

Generally, towed through a car or a truck. We have various sizes and types of box trailers for sale. We sell the following sizes: 5×36×47×47×58×5 single axle trailers to most of our Warrandyte customers.

Galvanised Trailers

We sell galvanised trailers tough enough to suit Australian conditions. All our trailers are built to last long. Our trailers come with 24 – 36 months structural warranty and provide personalised service. Explore our affordable huge selection of galvanised trailers sale for Warrandyte customers at Balance Trailers.

All our trailers on sale are designed to provide ease of travel and are comfortable based on individual requirements. We sell trailers to suit the needs of an endless variety of businesses. Contact us today to see which size best suits your needs.

Camper Trailers

Camper trailers make a home away from home. A compact trailer that opens up to provide a comfy camping space with greater convenience. Our camper trailers on sale for Warrandyte customers are affordable and you will definitely find one that suits your budget at Balance Trailers.

The amenities addition such as storage compartments, built-in kitchen and a ready-made bed makes it enticing addition for any holiday tour. Camper trailers are easy to tow as compared to a caravan because they are relatively light.

We also sell off-road camper trailers that are durable and are able to handle the rougher and tougher terrain. For comfortable and convenient camping and a holiday, get your camper trailers from us. We sell soft floor campers and hard floors camper trailers.

Hydraulic Tipper Trailers Warrandyte

Our tipper trailers are most sturdy and are made for tipping extra heavy loads.

We have a hydraulic tipper trailers such as 8×5 hydraulic tandem.  Tipper trailers make it easy if you carry goods for a commercial work or a job on the farm.

Tandem Trailers

Tandem trailers which are also called as double-bottom, or a double-trailer truck, are on sale by Balance Trailers.

All our tandem trailers are made sturdy enough to carry that extra load. Our robust tandem trailers are for you if you are carrying a heavy load. Choose our trailers for carrying loads ranging from 2000 Kgs to 3500 Kgs.

Our trailers for sale comes with extended foot step, removable front and rear tailgates, reinforced chassis, hinges, grease-able rocker roller suspension, etc.