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Dependable and easy-to-use soft floor camper trailers

Want to hit the open road and have that lovely camping getaway that you have always wanted? Our range of soft-floor camper trailers for sale here at Balance Trailers will allow you to do just that, featuring all of the state-of-the-art equipment and features that you would expect at the top of the camper trailer market, such as water tanks, gas bottles, and queen bed sized floor plans.

We make our camper trailers from hot-dipped galvanised stainless steel that can handle whatever Australia has to throw at it, whether it’s a hot outback trip, or on other testing terrains, staying in excellent condition throughout the journey.

You can expect our rear fold tents to be reliable too, being made from the best of canvas fabrics and stable frames to make sure home comforts are taken with you.

Our soft floor trailers all come with independent suspension for comfortable driving and reliability during travel, and our range of high quality and large tent designs mean you’ll be getting the most exceptional soft floor camping trailer for sale on offer today for your next great adventure.

You can find our camping trailer lots in Melbourne and Sydney, and with our competitive pricing, we assure you of getting the best offer possible.

We’re here to make sure that your road trips are something special, so if you ever need help or a hand picking out what’s right for you, then our staff will be more than happy to help.

The benefits of a soft floor camper trailer

Soft floor camper trailers are by and large the most common by sale numbers and the most affordable out of all of the off-road camper options available on the market today.

Their incredibly lightweight, hot-dipped stainless steel frame, coupled with their versatility, means that even the smallest of cars should be able to tow them without compromising on a drive or the integrity of the vehicle itself.

Soft floor campers use a folding tent to make up the bulk of the structure, and in most cases can easily handle a family of four or five people on during sleep.

Typically larger than hard floor campers of the same type, these light trailers will provide more floor space for a mattress, allowing for ample placement of a hot water system, a queen bed, a water tank, kitchen complete with sink, and plenty of space for cooking on the stove and use of other electric items.

While storage options are limited, soft floors can still accept an object as large as a table in the hold, as well as an assortment of camping specific equipment and a battery. Gas bottle storage is typically standard, and though they may not hold as much as hard floor trailers, they will prove to be on par with traditional caravans on the storage front.

Soft floor campers are great as an off-road camper, and their versatile, independent suspension means they can practically be taken anywhere and remain in excellent condition. Given that they use a tent floor as the base, however, rockier terrain or sloped terrain may prove to be a bit too much to handle.

What sets us apart from the rest?

Our staff knows soft floor trailers inside out, and whether the question is about what type of hot water system will suit your camper, or which tent design will be the best match for you, they’ll be able to help. We go to great lengths to make sure that our customer service is second to none, as well as making sure that the trailer we sell you will be ideal for your lifestyle.

We’ll also be able to provide you with the best offer on our rear fold soft floor trailers that you will find anywhere else in Victoria or NSW. We’re in the business of making sure that, for your road trips, you’re getting the best match for you to enjoy the great outdoors.

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