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The most reliable and durable hard floor camper trailers in Melbourne and Sydney.

If you've been looking for a robust yet light, all-terrain hard floor camper trailer that can allow you to take your holiday trips to the next level, then you've come to the right place. At Balance Trailers, our range of hot-dipped galvanised hard floor camper trailers will have you doing just that, with a fleet of stainless steel, an excellent condition hard floor campers ready to go.

Made from a lightweight, durable stainless steel body, guaranteed to make sure your trailer will always be in good condition, the trailer will prove to dominate even the most rugged terrain that you could find on offer.

Their size is also one of their main strengths too, as they can carry all of the essentials such as water, electrical goods, and a battery to power up your dream journey.

Hard floor campers can also incorporate an expansive canvas tent option to create your very own five-star hotel where you choose. These types of trailers are also known as forward-fold trailers and offer a massive range of home comforts, such as a kitchenette, more storage, and even a fold-out bed for a good night's sleep if need be.

Best of all, our range of hard floor campers is made to be as affordable as possible, providing you with the best value deal in town. It just depends on your budget on what you need as a feature.

We're also here to help answer any questions you have on your new hard floor camper trailer, and with trailers in Sydney and Melbourne, chances are we're not too far away from you.

Towing Capacity

Hard floor campers are heavier and the vehicle's towing capacity will have to be considered before buying one. The gross towing capacity of your vehicle is to be determined.

The benefits of a hard floor camper trailer

Hard floor campers, unlike their soft floor equivalents, are explicitly built to handle whatever the environment has to throw at it, and are the best match for those who love going way off the beaten track. Featuring galvanised, hot-dipped stainless steel throughout the body, its toughness and durability will allow you to make any adventure you embark on as easy as possible.

What makes hard floor campers ideal for this too is their large size, allowing you to hold all of the essential equipment for long-range journeys; gas hot water systems, a water tank, an additional gas bottle - you name it.

Not only will you be able to pack for a long outback trip, but you'll also be able to do so with style and comfort, given the extra space that hard floor campers provide. Custom-built hard floors can even incorporate a fold-out queen bed size mattress, an additional tent for the more adventurous amongst us, and a slide-out kitchen & cooking area, complete with sink, stove, and dining table.

Modifications are much easier to make to hard floor trailers, too. Want a canvas roof to recreate a genuinely quintessential Australian verandah experience? Alternatively, what about the convenience and accessibility that comes with a forward folding trailer? Whatever it is, your hard floor trailer will be a brilliant piece of business for you.

Our promise to you

Part of our expertise is in passing our knowledge and understanding on all things hard floor trailers to you. Whether your question is about what type of hot water system is best for you, what the best match is for you, or even whether it's possible to have a fold-out queen bed or which off-road camper trailer will suit your needs.

Whatever the question, we'll be here to assist you with the right advice, to make sure your trailer won't just always be in excellent condition, but it will serve you well. Our camper trailers are built to last the harshest of Australia's brutal weather and terrain and will stay in good condition for as long as you can imagine.

So for a hard floor camper that will be the best match for you, get in touch with us. We've got display lots in Melbourne, Victoria and Sydney, NSW, and we guarantee that we'll have a hard-floor camper just for you.

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