Benefits of a Single Axle Trailers

A single axle trailer has just one axle. It could, therefore, be easily identified by the presence of just one pair of the tyres.

The single axle trailers cost much less. In fact, it is less complex and also costs much less than the double axle trailer. It could be a great bargain in case you’re interested to minimise your cost. There are so many benefits of a single axle trailer.

The single axle trailer is lightweight. As it has just 1 axle, this is lighter than double axle trailers. It has several advantages in itself, both short as well as long term.

The decreased weight means that the single axle trailer is easy to manoeuvre. For example, you would need a short stopping distance in case you brake on your single axle trailer.

It also has many maintenance advantages. You would be towing your light trailer means that the car would bear much less wear & tear. It also makes that this is quite fuel-efficient.

The single axle trailers are easy to park. The single axle trailers could be easily parked even in the tight spot as compared to dual axle trailers. Hence, there are so many obvious advantages of using the single axle trailer.

The single axle trailers have some kind of limitation about the payload. In case you want to tow the heavy loads then the single axle box trailers would not be much suitable.

The dual axle trailers actually carry heavy loads. In a few cases, this may result in tyre wearing because the weight of a single axle trailer is just distributed onto two tyres than four or even six of them.

While you are buying a new single axle trailer for yourself then you may question whether this is great to get a single or a double axle trailer.

What is the main difference?

The single axle trailer has just one axle with the wheel that is connected on its ends. It is linked to the single axle trailer either through its springs or just on to trailer bed along with supporting hardware or clamps.

A tandem or double trailer axles got two axles which are placed quite close to one other in order to assist disperse the heavyweight of a cargo.

Pros of Single Axle Trailers:

  • The single axle trailers are perfect to tow the lightweights as well as short distances.
  • The single axle trailers actually weigh much less hence they are quite economical for towing.
  • The single axle trailers are much cheap than the dual axle trailers.
  • The single axle trailers are easy to handle than the dual axle trailers even if they are having the same size.
  • It is quite easier to park the single axle trailers in the less space than the dual axle trailers.
  • It also has a fewer set of the tyres, brakes, and bearings to replace as well as maintain.

Cons Of the Single Axle Trailers:

  • The single axle trailers could not haul as compared to the dual axle trailers of the same size.
  • If the single axle trailer that is below 750 kilograms then the GTM isn’t needed to have the brakes, hence it is up to its owner to make one call about the crucial safety issue.
  • The single axle trailer would be hard on the tyres because they carry much more weight each tyre than the tandem axle trailer.
  • In case you have a flat tyre while driving then you would pick up the trailer wobble.
  • If this does not have a suspension, this will not cushion heavy load well and so not give the stable ride over the bumps.
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