6×4 7×4 7×5 8×5 9X5 10X5 10X6 12X6 Box Trailer Cage Canvas Covers

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  • Heavy Duty Ripstop Canvas Cover
  • Water Proof
  • Double Stitches
  • Zipper & Velcro Seal
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Bungee Cord Included
  • Trailer and Trailer Cage are For Demonstration Purposes Only

We provide a range of trailer covers for sale including covers when towing your trailer and also a storage trailer covers that are available in varied sizes.

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5x3 600mm $300 L1680mm x W1040mm x H860mm/660mm
6x4 600mm $320 L1980mm x W1340mm x H860mm/660mm
6x4 900mm $340 L1980mm x W1340mm x H1160mm/960mm
7x4 600mm $340 L2280mm x W1340mm x H860mm/660mm
7x4 900mm $360 L2280mm x W1340mm x H1160mm/960mm
7x5 600mm $360 L2280mm x W1660mm x H860mm/660mm
7x5 900mm $400 L2280mm x W1660mm x H1160mm/960mm
8x5 600mm $380 L2580mm x W1660mm x H860mm/660mm
8x5 900mm $420 L2580mm x W1660mm x H1160mm/960mm
9x5 900mm $500 L2880mm x W1660mm x H1160mm/960mm
10x5 900mm $550 L3200mm x W1660mm x H1160mm/960mm
10X6 900mm $600 L3200mm x W2000mm x H1160mm/960mm
12X6 900mm $650 L3500mm x W2000mm x H1160mm/960mm

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Balance Trailers provide 12 months manufacturer warranty against manufacturing defective within Australia. Fault description and photo evidence are required before taking further warranty procedures. Please retain your sales invoice as proof of purchase if making a claim through us. Trailers must be returned to our factory for warranty repairs.

The warranty does not cover transportation costs, physical damage caused by improper usage and stress the product beyond its stated limit. We will not take responsible for any parts which was attempted to repair by anyone else other than our technician.

Knobs/Hooks $20